Friday, August 18, 2017


Republican strategist Steve Schmidt calls this a moment of moral reckoning for Republicans . . .
"As we approach the end of a human lifetime for the last of the survivors of the people who were in those concentration camps, and the last of the men who stormed the beaches in Normandy to crush Nazi tyranny, what a disgrace. What a disgrace today." [Watch!]

. . . which they are failing
Poll: 67% of Republicans agree with how Trump handled Charlottesville

Schmidt uses the word "unfit." A lot of people agree
Carl Bernstein on CNN: “I think there’s considerable evidence that there is a consensus developing in the military; at the highest levels in the intelligence community; among Republicans in Congress; including the leaders in the business community that President Trump is unfit to be the President of the United States.” . . . “I’ve talked to some of the military leaders and what they are saying is extraordinary… They have given up on this president.” . . . “I think all reporters need to be checking their sources and finding out what people on the Hill and in the military and in the intelligence community are saying… about the stability and the mental condition of the president of the United States. This is something we haven’t dealt with before.” 

"Trump lashes out at Republicans, as the GOP tries to distance themselves from him" 

First Read: “We have no idea how this all plays out for President Trump and his administration. We’ve seen Trump survive past controversies (Khizr Khan, Access Hollywood), but he no longer has an opponent/foil like Hillary Clinton. We’ve seen past presidents (LBJ, Nixon, Clinton) endure their share of turbulent times, but it’s never come this early in a presidency. And we’ve never seen so many members of the president’s own political party openly criticize him, but still vote for his agenda most of the time. . . . Using the words ‘uncharted waters’ has become a bit cliché during the Trump Era — everything has been so different. But there also are no better words to use right now. And the turmoil comes at a pressing time: escalating tensions with North Korea, a debt ceiling that needs to be raised, and midterm elections that are right around the corner.”

I am not Jewish, but I have to wonder what the Jews in Trump's administration are thinking
“A clear pattern has emerged when President Trump does something highly controversial or deeply offensive to large chunks of America. Within 24 hours, a story is leaked about how Ivanka and Jared are disappointed or tried to stop it,” Axios reports. “Jared and Ivanka provided some hope for some on the left who hoped the duo would have power to dissuade President Trump from some of his most extreme promises. But the truth is, they only have so much influence. And their shock and dismay always get conveniently leaked to the media to distance them from Trump’s most controversial acts.”

[NB: Well, they can't quit -- but other people can.] 

From Donnie's diary: Worst. Vacation. Ever!
Trump Increasingly Angry, Isolated 

A couple of weeks ago Trump didn't know or care about Confederate monuments. Now he is trying to turn them into a national cause -- because this is what he was elected to do
Trump Endorses ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues, Calls Their Removal ‘Sad’


Another blow to Trump's infrastructure plans
Trump Abandons Plans To Form Infrastructure Advisory Council 

Presumably its abandonment is for the same reason that two other "advisory" bands of CEOs were axed earlier in the week: the corporate heads being cajoled into taking positions on the council were, in the wake of Trump’s outbursts, no longer willing to sign their names to his ongoing catastrophe of an administration. 

Mr "I need all the facts before commenting" rushed to condemn the Barcelona attack and call it terrorism. He still hasn't called the identical attack in Charlottesville "terrorism"
Trump sure seems slower to call out terrorism when a white supremacist is behind it
[On Charlottesville] "You can call it terrorism. You can call it murder. You can call it whatever you want."
Then he posted this lie:
"Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!"
Trump tweets bigoted and debunked pig's blood story as solution for terrorism

More GOP senators openly question Trump
Graham Responds To Trump Twitter Rant: ‘Please Fix This’
Corker Says Trump Lacks Stability and Competence
Scott Says Trump’s Moral Authority Is In Question 

Three charities cancel events at Mar-A-Lago
Steve Bannon is daring Trump to try to fire him

John Kelly's job sucks 

Trump's lousy lawyers (be glad)

Well, we can hope
Trump Ex-Partner Who Sold Condos To Russians 'Told Family He Knows He And POTUS Are Going To Prison'
The alt-right and Russia 

Three major magazine covers tie Trump to Nazis and the KKK
[NB: Think about it. This is the PRESIDENT.]

Nonsense in Fox World
Panicked Huckabee Fears If General Lee Statues Come Down Then Mt. Rushmore Is Next

Cable news hosts have had enough
CNN Host Shuts Down GOPer As C’Ville Interview Gets Heated
MSNBC Hosts Tear Into Trump Campaign Adviser: ‘You Can’t Just Lie On TV’

Bonus item: Jimmy Kimmel reads viewer tweets about his Trump comments
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Thursday, August 17, 2017


A very revealing post yesterday said WH aides were "stunned" to hear Trump say publicly at his Trump Tower meltdown what he often says privately. It makes you wonder what else he has said, and how they rationalize working for someone like that
White House Staff Upset Trump’s Beliefs Are Now Public
Donald Trump’s aides have been angry with him frequently — indeed, usually — since the beginning of his presidential campaign. But they have rarely registered their dismay as nakedly as they did Tuesday night, when he spontaneously altered a plan to deliver remarks on infrastructure without taking questions into a free-form defense of white supremacists. One official told NBC News that Trump had “gone rogue.” Mike Allen reports that chief economic adviser Gary Cohn is “between appalled and furious,” and that there is a danger one or more high-level officials could resign. Chief of Staff John Kelly’s disgust was registered on his face . . . [read on]

Nicolle Wallace: If Cabinet Doesn't Resign Today, They're 'Forever Tainted'
It was not quite the cable television equivalent of an exorcism, but it was close. . . .

Anti-Trump conservatives are starting to line up against him
[Jennifer Rubin] What did you expect from Trump?
Conservative journalist Bill Kristol told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's disastrous news conference revealed "a president acting as a demagogue who was happy to incite passions on his side but do nothing for those who really are appalled by what happened in Charlottesville." . . .
[F]ormer RNC communications director Doug Heye: "After that Trump press conference, I don't know how I can tell any minority why they should vote Republican. . . . I've asked the press offices at both the White House & RNC to remove me from their email lists."
McConnell’s Secret Fury Over Trump’s Comments

What Will Republicans Do Now?
“It is all so surreal—the most apt and yet overused word of the Trump presidency. Can this all really be happening? Is it all a dream? Of course, the most important question, speaking as a Republican for many years, was this: Where is everybody?” . . .

Here's how bad it is (must read)
A West Wing confidant tells us: "The danger for Trump now is that one senior resignation will start a run on the bank" — as soon as one top staffer quits, several others could follow.

Will he be the first? 

The White House tries to give GOPers their approved talking points
'The President Was Entirely Correct' 

Meanwhile, Trump attacks GOP enemies  

More CEO's quit Trump's Manufacturing Jobs Initiative -- then something amazing happens  

Now this:
“President Trump’s relationship with the American business community suffered a major setback on Wednesday as the president was forced to shut down his major business advisory councils after corporate leaders repudiated his comments on the violence in Charlottesville this weekend,” the Washington Post reports. [read on]

Trump's version:
"Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!"

What he said two days ago:
"For every CEO that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on. JOBS!" 

[NB: So now the major corporate leaders in America say that don't want to be associated with a Republican president. Just think about how remarkable that is. How can he survive?] 

By the way, it was the CEOs decision to disband the councils, not Trump's -- even though he tried to make it sound like it was his idea

Steve Bannon is DELIGHTED with these developments
“On Tuesday night, while Gary Cohn was fuming about President Trump’s latest comments, Steve Bannon was excitedly telling friends and associates that the ‘globalists’ were in mass freakout mode,” Jonathan Swan reports. “Today, Bannon reveled in the disbanding of the president’s business council, seeing this as yet more evidence that the Trump administration is at odds with the ‘Davos crowd,’ as Bannon often calls these corporate elites, in a voice dripping with contempt.” “Bannon saw Trump’s now-infamous Tuesday afternoon press conference not as the lowest point in his presidency, but as a ‘defining moment’ . . .

This is amazing: Bannon's plan to reshape the Trump administration


Bannon on white nationalism: “Ethno-nationalism—it’s losers. It’s a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more. These guys are a collection of clowns.”
Supposedly he thought it was off the record – but is Trump’s embattled chief strategist really that naive?

Great story: how John Kelly is trying to create normalcy in the White House -- and how Trump is resisting him 

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen wants you to know he's not a racist
"As the son of a holocaust survivor, I have no tolerance for #racism. Just because I support @POTUS @realDonaldTrump doesn't make me a racist"

[NB: Think about what he's saying.]

The moment when Trump pulled out his original comments on Charlottesville to defend them
I brought it, I brought it,” he said . . . [read on]

During his comments, Trump kept saying he had more facts about what really happened in Charlottesville than the "fake news" (but he didn't know, for example, that David Duke was there). Here's a chance to learn more than Trump knows about the "very fine people" who were protesting


If you watch that video, you meet Christopher Cantwell. Here's what happened next

Oh, and on the idea that Trump always wants the facts before expressing his opinion . . . let the guffaws begin

This is what it looks like when a President takes his main talking points directly from Fox News 

Trump is "defiant" and "without regret"
Yes, can we just say it? He IS a racist


Trump thinks the solution to racism is more jobs. Well, no actually 

The battle over Confederate statues

Baltimore removed all 4 of its Confederate statues overnight
The U.S. Capitol has at least three times as many statues of Confederate figures as it does of black people 

I think this is an incredible story
Father Denounces His Son’s Hateful Rhetoric (read on)

Another parent:  
The mother of a woman killed while protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville urged mourners at a memorial service Wednesday to “make my daughter’s death worthwhile” by confronting injustice and channeling “anger into righteous action,” stirring applause from the hundreds of people who packed into a downtown theater wearing the victim’s favorite color, purple. “They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well, guess what? You just magnified her,” said Susan Bro . . . 

The chief military leaders make it clear that Trump does not speak for them

Why they did it:

[NB: Let's just stand back a moment and consider what is happening. The country's business leaders, its military leaders, and most leaders of the Republican party are all disavowing the president. Most Congressional members of his own party, if they were honest, would say they would prefer to deal with Mike Pence. He has "unprecedented" low approval numbers at this stage of his presidency. He has lost key staff and -- rumors say -- he will lose more. He is under multiple investigations, with grand juries considering possible indictments for him and his associates. One of the most hilarious notions is that he is already planning for his re-election in 2020. He will be lucky to last out his first term!]

Trump's RUSSIA LAWYER weighs in on the Charlottesville issue. Why, why, why?

Trump has decided not to sabotage Obamacare after all
Trump To Make Obamacare Subsidy Payments After Threatening To End Them

Maybe this is why: 
CBO says Trump's Obamacare sabotage would cost $194 billion, drive up premiums 20% 

There's just no doubt about what Trump's voter suppression committee was created to do 

More from Trump's I hate you/I love you foreign policy. Kim Jong-un was a "madman with nuclear weapons" -- now he is "very wise" and "well-reasoned" 

Trump wants to hold a rally next week in Phoenix to prove that they can still find 20,000 people who love him. The mayor says . . . get this . . . please stay away 

Great headline
PayPal escalates the tech industry’s war on white supremacy

Tucker Carlson explains slavery, proving once again that he is one of the stupidest people on TV

Bonus item: A little Will Rogers, and a reminder of why he was so great

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